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How Auto Quote Comparison Sites Work in USA

How Auto Quote Comparison Sites Work

There are two types of insurance comparison websites: quote comparison sites and lead generation sites. Auto quote comparison websites present users with rates based on information submitted during the shopping experience. You can then decide which quote to pursue, and the data you entered is transferred to the agent or company website, greatly shortening the purchasing process. These sites do not sell your information to insurance carriers or agencies.

Unlike true quote comparison sites, lead generation sites simply sell your information to their advertising partners—typically insurance companies. These sites are not built to provide you with personalised quotes and are not much help when trying to compare car insurance rates. Avoid these sites unless you’re eager to receive tons of cold calls and emails from insurance phone banks and desperate agents.

Car Insurance Comparison Sites with Real Quotes

The following comparison websites offer real-time, accurate insurance quotes.

Compare the Market

Compare the Market is a price comparison website that provides quotes for a number of different products and services, including various types of insurance, utilities, bank products and more. It’s one of the oldest price comparison sites in the UK and has been operating since 2006.

Compare the Market supports itself by collecting a fee every time a visitor clicks through to buy one of the products or services featured on the website. The company doesn’t provide recommendations; it simply lists the providers who offer products and services that meet the visitor’s needs. Compare the Market includes a price (from the provider) and a brief description of the product or service.

Once you’ve provided the necessary details, Compare the Market displays a list of providers ranked from cheapest to most expensive. For auto insurance quotes, the site currently draws from a list of 117 car insurance providers.

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